About Us

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Marco and I'm a Computer Engineer.
In December 2015 I graduated in Engineering and Computer Sciences in Bologna at Unibo. I decided to start this journey thanks to my passion for IT.
Passion is different from knowledge, that’s why I decided to become a professional. Most of the people around me didn’t believe I could do that, but I made it, and this is my best personal success. During the university years I have acquired all the complete knowledge of the world of Information Technology, but above all, I have learned to work under pressure and face the new challenges I had the chance to meet. Now I can say I have the technical skills to work in the field I love and, most importantly, a solid personal background made up by the sum of experiences I lived during these years.

Android Developer

iOS Developer

Software Design

Software Analysis

What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Mobile App

Development of Mobile Native applications with particular focus for Performance, Code Quality and Last Technologies.

Software Design

Design of software architecture with the best practices

Requirements Analysis

Evaluation and Analysis of the requirements


Analysis and Implementation of User Interface and User Experience on Mobile Applications

Voice Assistants

Creation of Google Assistant Actions and Agent for customize Vocal Assistant experience

Web Development

Development of API Rest for comunication and sending/receiving data

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Hours of Development
My Specialty

My Skills

These are my main skills and knowledge of programming languages in Mobile and Web environment.






















I attended the Engineering and Computer Science course at Unibo.
The course was born in 2012 from the merger of the traditional course of Computer Engineering and the Computer Science course to create a modern and updated course of study on the current issues and demands of the world of work.

Thanks to this degree course, I immediately learned the foundations of programming and all the concepts necessary to build an open mind for learning the technologies that are part of my work today.


Work Experience

Senior Mobile Developer at Capgemini Engineering 02/2020-in progress

• Senior Mobile Developer in Android environment, using the latest technologies available from platforms.

• Technical Leader on mobile projects.

• Analysis and Design of Software architectures.

Mobile Developer at Softlab 01/2019-02/2020

• Mobile Native Applications Development in both Android and iOS environments. using the latest technologies available from both platforms.

• API Rest Development with Node.js and/or PHP using the OAuth2 authentication protocol.

• Development of Voice Assistants through Dialogflow and Google Actions console.

• Development of simple 3D animated models using Unity3D.

• Analysis and Design of Software and Hardware architectures.

Mobile Developer at Cosmobile 01/2016-12/2018

• Mobile Native Applications Development in both Android and iOS environments using the latest technologies available from both platforms.

• Wear Applications Development in both Android Wear and watchOS environments.

Web Developer at Gruppo Maggioli 1/07/2015-31/07/2015

• Development of custom PHP modules for Drupal and UI improvements using CSS.

• Using PostgreSQL to handle web databases.

• Use of Pentaho Kettle, an ETL software, to process data from various sources in Input and save them in Output in format and/or sources of different kinds.