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Development Tools

Main Mobile Tools and Technologies

Voice Assistants

Web Languages


I have a good knowledge of the Node.js framework for API Rest realizations that interact with mobile applications and/or voice devices (Google Vocal Assistant and Amazon Alexa) and the main libraries such as Express, MySql, etc.

Apache Cordova

I have an excellent knowledge of this framework for the development of Web applications, because i have used it for the development of my thesis/dissertation and for private use (Android applications etc...).

Embedded System Programming

Knowledge about the programming of embedded systems gained through the development of projects with Arduino UNO and Raspberry PI.

Creating and Managing Databases

I have good knowledge of SQL language and major DBMS, especially MySQL.

I have also knowledge of NoSQL database like Realm Database.

Socket Programming

I have knowledge about programming of TCP and UDP socket with Java language and create a server with HTTP procotol.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

I used the main development IDE which Android Studio, XCode, Eclipse ,Visual Studio and Netbeans learning to make the most of their potential.

Unified Modeling Language (UML 2.0)

I have a good knowledge of the main UML diagrams , such as:

I also have a good understanding about the phases of the software and in particular the stages of analysis, design and implementation.